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  • lily han The South Korean government announced on   newport short cigarettes   the 11 day that it plans to   newport 100s cigarettes   raise the retail price of cigarettes from the current 2500 won to 4500 won   Name Brand Cigarette   from January next year, which is the first increase since 2004. It is expected to bring 2 trillion and 800 billion won tax increase. The Ministry of health and welfare said that part of the increase in cigarette prices will be used in health insurance for smoking cessation treatment, and the state will pay 70% of the treatment cost. In addition, the Korean #cigscheap# government will also print warnings on cigarette packs, ban tobacco ads in convenience stores, ban tobacco companies support activities, and increase smoking cessation publicity measures aimed at reducing the rate of smoking in Korea from 43.7% to 29% by 2020. The Korean government intends to submit the relevant proposals to Parliament in this month, and will be opposed by the opposition parties and even the ruling party.
    November 16, 2017

  • laetitia MOREAU Bonjour, tout le monde !
    November 13, 2017

  • aaron jefferson China Sourcing is professional and experienced in providing High-Quality Chinese Factories,lower cost of custom manufacturing and total solutions for all Your sourcing needs.
    October 18, 2017